Why Choose Us?

We know the secret of your success


Why Choose Us?

We assess your objectives, and tailor our proposal for you to maximise your possibilities and fit your budget.

You want to work in a cost-effective way, and so do we. A broadcaster would film several episodes of a quiz show all on the same day, because it's efficient and saves money. You can do the same. If you need to create a series of webinars for your business, we can record up to a dozen for the cost of one days filming. All packaged and delivered.

When filming an event, allowing your audience to see it on screens around the venue lets them follow key contributions, while also letting them attend to other important business; networking, interviews, meetings with colleagues and clients, greeting and entertaining guests.

In addition to broadcasting live we can record your event for showing to selected audiences later or simply for posterity.

Events in one country can be shared in high quality via the internet with interested parties anywhere. When health and security scares make movement difficult Live Streaming minimises travel, provides support, and maintains a global footprint.

Let us film your live event with the latest HD/4K technology, Event Filming London and Chester

What else do we do?

EventFilming.com - Taking Great Events Global With Multi-Camera LIVE STREAMING.

Banking, Insurance, Renewables, Aerospace, Maritime, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Education, Sports, Corporate Social Responsibility, Public Sector, Charity.