Live Streaming?

Your audience is not just in the room

Streaming is the new way to project your image globally.

Live Streaming?...

Broadcast technology no longer confines you to an audience in a room or auditorium. Video coverage is a vital part of public and inter-organisational relations.

Now you can invite anyone and everyone to your event and advertise worldwide. People see and appreciate what you do, while at the same time providing enormous exposure for sponsors and nominees.

Customers, clients, partners, staff and investors no longer have to travel to see you, or you them.

  • Streaming is kinder to the environment. Streaming is better for your health. Streaming is GREEN.

Event Filming, Streaming Specialists
Event Filming can Stream your Live Event!
You can't repeat a live event, there's one chance to get it right!

...LIVE Streaming?

Eventfilming.com's team of experienced professionals will capture your live event adding impact and value.

You must have the right people with the right equipment, everything must communicate seamlessly.

Your footage can be live streamed, stored, replayed, edited, shared and uploaded.

Clear audio, great filming and high production values bring your customers closer. With live streaming that could effectively be a world wide audience.

At last, the audience is only limited by your imagination! ...

What else do we do?

EventFilming.com - Taking Great Events Global With Multi-Camera LIVE STREAMING.

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